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Kayak Cooler Bag(16L)

Kayak Cooler Bag(16L)

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  • ✅Insulated Kayak Cooler: Universally compatible size. It is a 16in*12in*8.5in cooler with an outer material made out of tarpaulin and the interior is insulated in EPVA. There is also an 11.8in*6in extra outer pocket that can hold a variety of useful food or personal items while you are occupied with other excursions.
  • ✅Universal Fit: The cooler comes with 8 bungee ball cords that can be stretched and strapped to the back of any kayak seat. You can also bring the party ashore by strapping the cooler bag to any lawn or beach seat. These bungee ball cords give extra stability and hold the bag in place while you are performing other excursions. The many different side security straps make it easy for the bag to be held comfortably from many different angles and directions.
  • ✅16L Capacity: The cooler bag can hold up to 16L and the outside pocket adds a place where you can hold extra items such as phones and food. This large capacity makes it easier to hold all of your food and beverage needs and keep them cold throughout your daily excursions.
  • ✅Drinks Within Arms Reach: The waterproof top zipper design makes it easier to get drinks comfortably while in any situation whether at a get-together or performing rigorous activities with loved ones. Our new bungee cord design makes it much easier to strap the bag in the most accessible areas for you.
  • ✅Easy to Clean: Our cooler bag is made of tarpaulin and is one of the easiest materials to clean. This quick clean material saves a lot of time and energy throughout your many trips with the bag.
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